Human-centred technologies
for a safer and greener
construction industry

The European construction sector faces three major challenges: increase the safety and well-being of its workforce, improve its productivity and become greener, making efficient use of resources.
To address these issues, HumanTech aims to achieve major advances in cutting-edge technologies that can enable a safe, rewarding and digital work environment for a new generation of highly skilled construction workers and engineers.
The HumanTech model

Why HumanTech?

The construction sector plays an important role in the European economy. It contributes almost 9% of its GDP, creates 18 million jobs, mainly in micro and small enterprises, and its performance can significantly influence the development of the economy as a whole. It also provides solutions to social, climate and energy challenges.

Main challenges facing construction

Slow technology adoption

Worker safety and productivity

Shortage of skilled workers and lack of digital skills

Inefficient use of resources

Solutions we provide

At HumanTech, we develop innovative, human-centred technologies that go beyond the current state of the art. ​​With them, we strive to contribute to the digitalization of the construction industry, making it safer and more productive, encouraging a new generation of highly skilled professionals, and accelerating the transition to green construction.

Robotic devices equipped with vision and intelligence

Smart, unobtrusive workers' protection and support equipment

A new breed of Dynamic Semantic Digital Twins (DSDTs)

To this end, we aim to exploit synergies with ongoing European projects in the BIM/digital twin area and support further advancing these technologies.

HumanTech technologies will be integrated and validated in five real large-scale construction environments in Europe and Japan.
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We will also create and deliver:

Modular micro-learning units on technologies for workers' safety, well-being, and human-robot collaboration in construction, to be used as open educational resources.
10 training sessions with 200 participants and 1 ‘Train the Trainer’ session for 20 educators and trainers.

3 benefits of adopting the HumanTech framework


Advancing digitalization and automation in construction will lead to a productivity leap in the sector.


Empowering a new generation of highly efficient and skilled workforce that includes more women will enable a safe, inclusive and rewarding digitally-enabled work environment.


Accelerating the industry's green transition will help create a more competitive, resource-efficient and sustainable economy.

The HumanTech team

21 organisations from 10 countries with expertise in 11 different disciplines are working collaboratively on this ambitious initiative.









From leading research institutes and universities to highly acclaimed hi-tech SMEs and large companies, and diverse construction groups from across Europe — our team brings expertise in robotics, wearables, artificial intelligence and extended reality, among other disciplines.

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